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Dust your mug

Please welcome Courtney Rose of Wrestling with Makeup to our team! She will be bringing you tips and tricks to creating fantastic looks inspired by your favourite wrestlers! If there’s someone you want to see her cover, please don’t hesitate to tweet at us your suggestions.

Ever since he debuted on the roster, Stardust has been a favourite of mine. This new makeup look is my nod to Stardust, a bit of a galaxy/nebula kinda thing. I didn’t want to just copy the Stardust look, I wanted to create something new but similar, and I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. This look uses fewer products than one might assume and is much simpler to recreate than you’d think.

The first thing you want to do if you’re doing a version of this look is make sure to moisturize and apply an even foundation. I’m wearing Clinique Stay Matte #02 – Alabaster.

Once you’ve set your foundation, the next step is to draw around your eyes. This will be the general area of the galaxy space with an eyeshadow base of some sort. For this look I used the NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in Milk. I made dashes surrounding the area I wanted, and then more within that area, focusing a lot of the lids and under the eyebrow. Next step is to blend it out so it’s even. Using something like these NYX pencils is really helpful to give the eyeshadow not only something to cling to and prevent creasing, but the white also helps with the pigmentation and makes the colors look brighter, which is so crucial to this look. The blending can be done with just your fingers, which is my personal preference, but you can opt to use a sponge as well.

After that, I began to apply the colours I wanted to use. I mapped out beforehand how many colors I wanted and where to place each on my face, so the application isn’t terribly hard. Start out with a soft dome brush and place some of the shadow, working inward. Wipe your brush off on a napkin or paper towel between colors, nothing with remover. The important thing about this look is blending, so you want to wipe the brush between uses, but not get rid of all the previous color. Then you take some the next colour and place it, blending backward with the previous. It’s essential to blend between colour changes and not to produce any harsh lines. Do this alternating colour pattern all the way across the eyes and fill in however you feel appropriate. Blending is the key here, it doesn’t matter how much or how little product you use.  The eyeshadows used for this look all came from the Sleek Palette – Ultra Matts V1, aside from the red which is NYX Hot Red. The gold glitter is a nondescript makeup glitter and I’m not entirely sure where it came from.  I simply took a brush and dipped it in the glitter and tapped it out over my face to try and get it evenly distributed.

When I felt like the eyes were properly blended, I wiped the brush off more vigorously this time and took a colour close to my skin tone, using it to blend out any harshness between the colours and my natural skin. For this I used Mac’s Brule.

My next step was to line my eyes. I’m a big fan of the ELF cream eyeliner in black. I lined my eyes and then applied false lashes. The ones used here are ‘Oh Honey!’ by Katy Perry. Remember to go back after apply the lashes and fill your black liner in a bit more in order to cover the false lash line. Finally I filled in my lips using NYX Butter Lipstick in ‘Hunk’ and filling in the middle with a bit of the orange shadow from the palette I used.

To keep it in check I set it with Urban Decay setting spray and voila! Done!

All the brushes I used for this look were by Royal and Langnickel!


Try recreating this Pixie Dust look and tweet us pics of you wrestling with makeup.