We’re the fastest talkers this side of the patriarchy and we’re gonna give y’all a run for your money.

Meet our mouthpieces:

A.V. Christensen / @itsaquavulva

“I have strong opinions: The A.V. Christensen Story”. No one’s quite sure if they like everything or hate everything, but they’ve definitely got a lot to say.

DoubleCakes / @jetta_rae 

DoubleCakes’ contributions are a penance paid for the crimes she committed in the ring.

Alex Martino / @shambletina 

Alex Martino is a postgraduate journalism student at Humber College. She lives on the outer reaches of west Toronto with her wife, a comically large John Cena action figure, and 30 action figure children.

Shelly Deathlock / @indiandeathlock 

Shelly Deathlock has been a wrestling fan for over two decades and maybe that isn’t healthy at all. She enjoys strong style brutality, crushing enthusiasm, old school bloodbaths, and Saka Otoshi takes her breath away.


Courtney Rose / @ChicagosCRose

Courtney Rose is a wrestling enthusiast, librarian, makeup artist and new wave dance party opportunist. She spends a lot of time wishing she was David Bowie and comically sighing over how nice Chris Hero’s hair is.

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