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Let me tell you something, Mean Gene:

Femmezuigiri isn’t just some single serving brain snack on the way to meatier, more serious wrestling blogs, Jack.

We’re an intersectional collective of fans, wrestlers, journalists and artists who’ve come together to make wrestling a more inclusive space for women and marginalized people. And we don’t mean just covering the one WWE Divas match every pay per view, brother. We’re talking strong style, we’re talking the indies, we’re talking about combing through history for the underappreciated women who laid the foundation for this sport.

There aren’t any Hulkamaniacs here: we denounce racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ableism, and toxic masculinity in wrestling, in and out of the ring. We will tear down the steel cage of oppression looming over women in our sport–wrestlers and fans alike–trapping them on a venomous pedestal where they are reduced to their sexual commodity.

We’re studying the old tapes, brother. We’re catching the house shows. We’re talking turkey with champions. And all you people out there who think a women’s place is backstage or at ringside–watch out.

Because we’re not just “taking our place”, brother. We’re taking over. We’re an Invasion of the New Blood-letters, liberating our Pretty Mean Sisters from the Dungeon.

The old school, it’s not hot. It’s not cool, and with Femmezuigirians all over this continent lifting up our sisters, it’s not safe.

Join or die.

Whatcha gonna do?


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